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Peter Behnam, S.E.


Peter joined JLA as an Associate Principal in 2015. With over 22 years of experience in projects of every type and size, Peter has grown to be particularly interested in the projects proven to be the most challenging. He is well-known for his experience with some of the hardest to solve projects, including existing building retrofits, performance based design, and implementation of advanced technologies like base isolation, passive energy dissipation, and carbon fiber reinforcement utilizing the most rigorous analytical techniques like nonlinear response history analysis.

Peter has always had a fascination with architecture and the built environment. Having exposure through his father’s 50-year architectural business and excellent service to clients, he found his talents in engineering and decided to pursue a civil engineering degree from Santa Clara University, and a Master’s in Structural Engineering at UC Berkeley.

Aside from the technical aspects of engineering, Peter is equally passionate about training and mentoring young engineers, as he feels that it has become one of the most satisfying parts of his job.