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Richard Chen, S.E.


Richard joined JLA as a Principal in December 2018. Bringing 19 years of engineering experience to the structural division Richard delivers further growth, mentorship, and project diversification to JLA.

Having grown up in his grandparent’s house in Taiwan with 14 people, he has always dreamt about building a big house for his family and guests. Structural engineering fuels those dreams, and his hunger for growth and learning is a large influence on his work.

Most recently, Richard serves on the Advisory Board for the Structural Engineering Department at UCSD, where he developed a passion for earthquake engineering, a key part of his work at JLA. A passion project of his includes the Citizen Business Bank Arena where Precast Hybrid Moment Frames were used to construct the 11,000 seat arena in order to meet the construction schedule.

Outside of work, Richard enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and teaching and practicing Shorinji Kempo. He currently holds a 4th degree black belt and is committed to passing on knowledge to his students. Richard also enjoys sparring occasionally, and believes wholeheartedly in the motto, “No pain, No gain.” One of Richard’s biggest accomplishments is his ability to influence and inspire people.