Marya Nabhani, S.E.

Project Manager

Marya has over 10 years of engineering experience. Her expertise extends over numerous types of projects including multi-family housing, mixed-use developments, adaptive reuse, and tenant improvements. In 2018, she led the efforts to open the JLA Orange County office to meet the needs of the firm’s growth.

She has always been drawn to architectural engineering, a field where science supports art. Her affinity to math and her love of art and innovation has naturally led her to this industry. She has earned an MBA in Real Estate Management from UCLA, and a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Cal Poly, where she was on the dean’s list.

Watching buildings come to life is Marya’s favorite part of her job. When the project is built and each structural element radiates grace and purpose, she is proud to have been a part of the creative process.

Aside from her engineering work, she is passionate about mentorship and has been active in the ACE program. She also enjoys reading and loves to travel.