Kevin Towers, S.E.

Project Manager

With over 7 years of engineering experience, Kevin has been involved with a wide variety of projects including new residential developments (single family & multi-family), commercial developments, seismic rehabilitation, hospitality and tenant improvement. In 2018, Kevin led the efforts to open the JLA Orange County office.

From a young age, Kevin was particularly interested in architecture, but his proficiency in math and science steered him towards structural engineering. His love of reading about super structures, such as stadiums, bridges, and high-rise buildings gives inspiration to his unique and innovative designs.

One interesting fact about Kevin: He won the United States Army Student Athlete of the Year Award in high school, which is an award presented annually by the U.S. Army for students who have shown outstanding ability in both academics and athletics.

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys spending time with his children, playing sports, watching movies, and working on his house.