947 Tiverton - Los Angeles, CA

Architect: CRTKL

The Watermark is a 189,000 SF renovated and seismically upgraded residential building. The building is composed of 14 floors and with 200 living spaces for seniors, with amenities including a rooftop area with floor to ceiling glass, and a two-story auditorium with audio visual features for conferences, concerts, and performances.

Watermark is located at 947 Tiverton Ave and is in close to the UCLA Medical Center Campus, which will benefit residents by providing an exchange of health and wellness programming, including world-class medical care.

Since as built structural drawings were not available, a detailed as built survey and material testing program was performed according to ASCE 41-13 to assist with developing the seismic retrofit design required by the City of Los Angeles Non-Ductile Concrete Ordinance and the structural modifications required for the added amenities.